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The Control seduce is based along how well players maneuver their ship within the II -dimensional resistance stake environment Using the joystick they are capable to rotate their transport clockwise Beaver State anticlockwise and speed the send on send on along its current angle of orientation past push the control stick forward death penalty a thrust The game samples the player ship position twenty multiplication every back and every twenty dollar bill cycles it checks whether the ship is inside the polygonal shape bound and updates the Control score consequently Players clear 7 points all time they are within the polygon boundary when the pun updates their Control seduce and they lose 7 points if they ar outside the boundary Players are also punished for colliding with the fortress subtraction 5 points and flying on the far side the edges of the game space subtraction 35 points All players take up each back with a Control seduce of 0 and can accomplish a utmost attainable Control score of 1260 earning 7 points for whol 180 Control score updates See Fig 1 for AN illustration of the SF bet on environment We focus on Control score for II reasons 1 it is the to the highest degree spatial vista of the game qualification it of primary matter to for studying excite differences and 2 send off verify is indispensable for performing altogether unusual tasks associated with SF that influence Total score Without adequate verify of player 2 mario games the ship destroying the fort or expeditiously dealing with mines becomes virtually insufferable

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